Thank you for considering hiring our venue, All revenue goes towards supporting local artists/creatives. 

We've been open since August 2014 and have held over 800 events* in our venue. We keep our rates affordable because hosts generously follow these steps; helping keep our operational costs down, and our prices affordable to the creative industries.


Visit the venue (when possible) and decide if it will work for your event.


Tell us about your event and see if the date is available by contacting us. Send ideal date, and back-up date/preferred day of the week


You’re locked in!
If your event is public, we have suggestions on where to advertise it below.

The event host is responsible for the following:

1) Arrive 30min-1hr before the event to set up. We recommend taking a photo of the venue so you know how you found it.
2) Removal of all trash to the bins in the alleyway and returning the space to its original condition/setup.
3) Ensure that guests do not wander through members private studios or use their property.
4) Remain for the duration of the event and ensure that all guests have exited the building afterward.
5) Lock up and arm the alarm if you’re the last one to leave.

Taking your event LIVE!

Need to sell tickets? We suggest: for creative events/workshops
Humanitix for everything else.

Making a Facebook event is the easiest way to share your event and invite others.
Make us a co-host and your event will go directly onto our website.


CCC Events
Neat Places
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• Siguez

Art Beat
Christchurch Arts & Artists
Christchurch Creatives

Submit your event/exhibition onto Arts Canterburys website.

Community Newsletter: 
Send event details to and request for it to be included in the local Week-In-Brief newsletter.

Arts Canterbury Newsletter:
Email Vivienne at to include your exhibition in their newsletter

Health Canterbury Newsletter:
Friends of ours at Healthy Christchurch like to support events around health/wellbeing

Facebook Pages and Groups:
Think about who is already connected to your audience, send your event link to those facebook pages and groups and ask to share it with their audience.
"Hi, we're hosting this event at XCHC, your community may find it interesting if you'd like to share it on your page. Thanks"

Is XCHC sponsoring your event?

We ask you post the following text in your public event description.
XCHC has kindly sponsored the venue for this event. They believe space should always be available for creativity and community use. If you agree and want to show your support, you can become a member and receive exclusive content, updates, prizes, and a signature XCHC wristband. For as little as 1 coffee/beer a month, you can help us create a stronger creative ecosystem, and a more vibrant and connected city!

*Events include: storytelling, presentations, product launches, wine/food tastings, concerts, magic shows, theatre, dance, community conversations, panel discussions, film, showcase events, art exhibitions, workshops, pop-up shops, night markets, design meet-ups, photoshoots, video shoots, poetry readings, open-mics, literary events, singer-songwriter performances, AGMs, private parties, and many more.

“VAKA Speaker Series - First Lady” event highlight video.

get a highlight video of your event by contacting our local videographer -