Verónica Artagaveytia | 2018

Verónica Artagaveytia | 2018

Exchange has a 120m² venue used for showcasing creative work.

When you hire XCHC, you have complete creative control of the space and we work around however you would like your show to look/feel.

After hosting 90+ exhibitions, there’s little we haven’t done; group and solo shows with works hanging from the ceiling, glued to the floor, spray-painted, sculptural, interactive, and audio/video works from emerging artists who have never exhibited before and others who have been showcasing for over 50 years.


•90+ exhibitions
•Group & Solo
•Great for emerging artists
•Experience with international/touring shows
•Storytelling exhibitions
•Assist with Curation

How to host an Exhibition (being developed)

Step 1:
Consider the cost.

Our venue is $500+GST per week.
• No Commissions Taken
• A flat rate means you know what you’re committing too.
It encourages:
• Pricing the work appropriately.
• Collaboration with other artists (sharing the cost)

This helps us pay our bills and stay open. But if you’re wanting to showcase a story and not intending to sell work, or the cost is a barrier in general, don’t give up! Please get in touch! We work with emerging artists on a regular basis and are here to support!

Our Guidebook.

Questions about hosting?

How much does it cost to hold an Exhibition?
It's $500+GST per week. If this unaffordable, please get in touch, we sometimes have the means to support through our Emerging Artist Fund 

Why the flat rate?
It encourages artists to
• place higher value/price on their work.
• practice self-promotion (with our help) • group shows for splitting the cost.

When do I setup & take down the exhibition?
Sunday. Come in any time. The cafe is closed and you'll have the venue all to yourself. Yes you can put holes in the walls. Do not use adhesives for attaching to the walls; the temperature makes the paint expand and the work will come off no matter the weight. Blue tac holds, use that.
• Takedown:
Saturday or Sunday. Any damage to the walls needs touched up with the filler & paint we have on-site.

What does XCHC provide?
•A ladder and a few tools. We suggest bringing everything you'll need to hang your work. 
•There are 4 windows that can be covered and used as exhibition space, or leave the windows exposed. Please let us know which panels you would like on/off.
•Marketing/publicity with our networks
•A launch night and bartender to support the opening!

Why do you call this a "showcase space" instead of a gallery?
Galleries usually take 30%-40% commissions to pay curators. We don't. We feel the artist is the best person to curate their work; it encourages the creativity to continue and means we don't have to take any commission on sold work.

And who is the curator?
See above

What about an opening?
We’ll help organize your ideal night. You can use any night thats not already booked.

What's special about exhibiting at XCHC?
YOU! Become a part of our alumni and growing list of exhibitors. We want to support getting your work out there and giving our following and cafe patrons an experience defined by the exhibitions in the space.

Is there any work you don’t allow?
No. Anything goes as long as it doesn’t compromise the health & safety of the cafe.
XCHC a safe space to tell stories, experiment, share work, get feedback, and grow.

However you can imagine it, we encourage you to try it.

There are 9 areas of wall-space roughly 2.5m² each.

There are 9 areas of wall-space roughly 2.5m² each.