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Local suppliers
Purposeful Wine
Best toasties in Christchurch
•Fast & free internet
•Vegan | GF
•Homemade Almond Milk
•Pet friendly 🐶
Living Wage Employer

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XCHC Cafe is a radical concept for a cafe, designed to feature guest chefs and pop-ups; a place of changing foods and a community of people who appreciate hospitality and creativity.

The intention is to connect visitors directly with the person preparing their food and give them a cultural experience, which provides an opportunity to appreciate the art of cooking and hospitality. The menu changes depending the season and local suppliers. Expect seasonal and hearty lunches, including salads, toasted sandwiches and baked specialities.

The cafe first opened in August 2015 under the care and direction of Chef Aliesha McGilligan. She proved how food and inclusive hospitality added to the creative ecology; giving everyone the opportunity to connect, not only those in creative industries. 

Aliesha has moved onto her next venture and the kitchen now welcomes chef Pedro along with other pop-ups who want to trial their food in our space.



1. Per Person Catering*
$15/person catering includes decadent canapés, 
$11.50/person catering with standard canapés
$8.50/person catering with breads and dips

2. Budgeted amount*
You provide the budget and number of expected attendees, and our chef will advise what can be done for that amount.

Bar Service:
Having a staff serve your event incurs a $25ph** charge.

Outside Catering:
We do allow outside catering and BYO, but require the $50 kitchen hire fee in our venue hire form

*Catering increases the cleaning fee for the venue by $50.
**(Account for 1 hour of prep, and 1 hour break-down after the event)